Olympia Is A Nationally Acclaimed Speaker


She loves working and playing in the realms of millions and billions. Being an award-winning business consultant and speaker, a Fortune 500 companies’ partner, College Professor and an Executive leader of national security programs worth billions of dollars makes her a priceless asset for growing iconic businesses. Below you'll find some of her best featured gusting experiences on podcast, live stages and virtual Zoom rooms.


FOX 34: Exclusive Interview

I’ve had huge challenges and obstacles to overcome on the road to success. I’ve had a near death experience, five major concussions, endured harassment and discrimination, and hit the corporate glass ceiling. After healing from a near-death experience …

NBC: Exclusive Interview

I became The Queen Of Collaborative Wealth by liberating business owners’ freedom to fast forward their success without working harder or longer and burning out. Creating proprietary systems that deliver iconic results and legendary impact for humanity …

VU: Feature Interview

I remember looking at my bank account and watching the numbers go higher and higher then realized I didn’t have the time, energy nor the motivation to enjoy the money I worked so hard for. And certainly not to take care of myself with it. What good is money …

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Whether speaking at in-person events, virtual events, or podcasts, Olympia delivers a profitable, results driven and engaging experience for your audience.  

When Olympia speaks to your audience, you and your audience will have fun learning about: 

Collaborative Lead Generation, Cash Cow Collaborations, Helping Yourself To Other People’s Audiences, Eliminating Money Blocks At Their Sources, Best Marketing Techniques, Pricing That Sells Itself, Leveraging LinkedIn, and Guesting on Podcast, Webinars and Lives

Topics include:
  • Money-Making Cash Cow Collaborations For Win-WIn Profits 
  • Find $20,000 in 20 Minutes in Your Business
  • Play Your Way to Profit: Six-Figure Strategies 
  • Stress-Free Sales and Collaborative Lead Generation 
  • Six-Figure Collaboration Strategies 
  • Accelerating Your Sales Cycle Through Collaboration
  • Co-Elevate Your Brand With Collaborative Lead Generation
  • Profitable Fun: 6X Your Sales Through Gamification  
  • 5 Secrets To Scaling A Business IN The Pandemic
  • The Playful Science Behind Six and Seven Figure Marketing 
  • Playing and Profitable: The Untapped Profit Well for CEOs 
  • The Psychology of Fun for Profit 

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