Our work is different than most coaches and consultants who fire hose you with information, leaving you wet and clueless about how to implement the information to get the promised results.
TOGETHER, we get results! And we will never leave you feeling alone, foundering and wondering what to do next. Our secret is supported implementation and action accountability. We specialize in Making Money through Collaborations that accelerate profits and fun.

Hi,  I’m Olympia 
I’m a Collaborator who is a Serial Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, Speaker and Philanthropist committed to helping you grow your business without being alone

Olympia works with high-achieving business owners who seek success and wealth to make a difference for themselves and humanity.

Olympia loves working and playing in the realms of millions and billions. She is an award-winning business consultant, speaker, a Fortune 500 companies’ partner, and a leader of the highest national security technology programs worth $4Billion dollars. By the age of 33, she was a corporate executive leading multi-billion dollar programs — making more than $50 million in sales, facilitating sales of more than $10 Billion, and leading teams of up to 100 people.

As the Queen of Wealth, Olympia radically doubles business owners’ income, fun and freedom for 6 & 7 Figure business owners who are driven to scale and want work to feel like play, yet are overworked and under earning.

They get to fast forward success as they scale their companies without working harder — or longer.

She specializes in quickly growing businesses with state-of-the-art collaborative lead generation, marketing and business strategy that fast tracks success while also having a joyful and meaningful life. 

Getting To Know Olympia ...
  • Grew up in Okinawa, Japan
  • 35 years of prosperity leadership in corporate, government and entrepreneur sector
  • International award winning artist
  • Won 50 out of 50 proposals worth $40 Million
  • Basketball and volleyball champion
  • President  of a  $1.5M JV partnership with CBS Real Estate Market & CBS TV in New York City 
  • Loves to play and laugh as much as possible
  • She became a $Million dollar top producer within two years of real estate brokering
  • Gained 1,000+ clients within 3 yrs
  • She has owned 5 successful companies 
  • Has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA)
  • She’s a college Professor of Business
  • Developed and managed corporate trainings 
  • Hawaii is her HAPPY PLACE — she has been there 39 times and enjoys playing with the  dolphins