Our work is different than most coaches and consultants that fire hose you with information, leaving you wet and clueless about how to implement the information to get the promised results. We get results TOGETHER! And we will never leave you feeling alone foundering and wondering what to do next. We deliver BIG RESULTS for all levels of business titans.


Olympia knows how to streamline and fast-forward success…

So that YOU can have the FREEDOM of time and money that you work so hard to attain.

And you will get to have BIG INCOME, IMPACT and INFLUENCE to change the world and its people.

As a collaborative growth partner, Olympia mentors her clients to double and triple their income within six months. They also enjoy more time freedom by working about half as much because they’re doing only  what works. Once they begin working with Olympia, they learn to do only the right things, in the right order to get better results. 


As someone who has been where you want to go, Olympia has had 5 successful businesses and has high-level experience in a wide variety of industries. Her proprietary techniques (or signature systems) transcend industry and work exceptionally well to grow and build businesses so that you can have MORE IMPACT and a meaningful life.

So, whether you have plateaued, are in the growth phase of your business, or already running a successful company and hungry to grow and expand, Business Titans delivers BIG RESULTS solutions that will change your income, influence and impact.


Mind Over Money Makeover

DO NOT WORK another exhausting hour, slaving away, sacrificing your life until you’ve had the ULTIMATE MONEY FREEDOM RESET!

  • Make more money, work less and live free™
  • Live the life of your dreams and make a meaningful impact helping others
  • Your money work for you with multiple passive streams of income
  • Wake up every morning feeling like you are on vacation, fully of energy, curiosity and enthusiasm – excited to discover what wonderful things are going to happen

The FREEDOM SOLUTION you have been looking for!

Get 6-Figures Being A  Podcast Guest

Speak out. Be heard. Get rich.
Discover the ONE simple thing that can put 6-figures in your pocket!

  • STOP spinning your wheels and wasting your precious time trying to get clients one by one
  • Start turning your expertise into quick cash by having a friendly conversation with podcast hosts while reaching 100s
  • Then sit back and watch the cash roll in as listeners ask “How can I work with you now?”
  • And … as they become your raving fans as they throw their credit cards at you.

Leveraging other people’s podcasts and other people’s audiences is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for … STAND OUT and make bank!

“From the moment I met Olympia I knew I had met someone very special, who would change my life. She had a genuine desire to help me come back home to me, to my healthiest place ever, and to this day, I know that she will always be there to support me on my journey. To celebrate all my successes and to encourage me when I am at a crossroads. I can relate to Olympia on so many levels. We’ve had corporate careers, been on our spiritual journeys and have come back from physical and emotional experiences that were, to say the least, life changing. What I love most about Olympia is her presence. She is calm, compassionate, incredibly intuitive, and has a healing energy that is undeniable. Olympia has changed my life because she is a part of my life. I often think of her when I am wanting to make a change, or struggling with some part of my life…What would Olympia do? How would she handle this? What ‘self-care’ has she taught me that I can do to bring myself back to a place of peace and calm, so that I can look at life objectively and be proactive, instead of subjectively and reactive. She trusts and listens to her inner compass and I have continually noticed how she, seemingly effortlessly, obtains her goals and dreams. Her business acumen is undeniable, and yet subtle. I am so impressed with her business savvy and I know without a doubt that her class can help anyone reach a new level of abundance if they are willing to truly make a commitment to themselves. I know Olympia will make a commitment to them.“

Lynna Ehrlich

Business Systems Consultant

“I doubted whether I was going to ever be able to have a comfortable life free from constant money worries, let alone one filled with joy, awesome relationships, traveling, and giving back to worthwhile causes. I now feel relaxed about money, and confident that my new loving relationship with money supports me to thrive. I make more money, work less and have a heartfelt sense of freedom. I’m healthier and able to exercise more and treat myself more. I honor and treasure myself more and take better care of myself. I spend more quality time with my loved ones, and I have substantially more energy. Within the first three months, I have doubled the number of clients I have and raised my prices to reflect my true value.”

Roberta McConnelly

Dog Trainer Extraordinaire

Sue Ann Stelfox

CEO, MovingBeyondPain.com

“Expect great things because they are coming when you work with Olympia. I recouped my investment within 3 months. I had almost given up on my business because I was unsustainably working so hard and long hours, sacrificing my health and time with me and my family. I’ve accomplished more in 1 year than I did in five years of working alone, which was like the blind leading the blind. I didn’t know what I didn’t know and I did not realize how much I was holding myself back. When I started working with her I was already making good money, the hard way! Lots of resistance, will power, struggle and hard work. It has allowed my business to work for me instead of me working for my business. “I love being connected with my Feminine Money Super Powers! I feel invincible and powerful. Now the perfect clients I have always wanted flock to me.”

Heather Reed

CEO, Healthy Ways Coaching

Barbara Luksa

CEO, Happy Home Cleaning

“I doubled my income and halved the amount of hours I work – which is truly miraculous to me. It’s a big, big deal to have so much more money and time to spend with those I love!” In this fourth week of the class, I wrote three $50,000 proposals. Previously, the largest proposal I ever wrote was $10,000. Before this class, I did not believe that I could write a proposal for or get a $50,000 client. I got two of those clients. Now, I frequently write large dollar proposals and win them. That would have never happened if I had not taken this class. The problem with most practical wealth building programs (those that involve investing, or salary negotiation, or changing a business model) is that the individual (in this case, me!) applies those principles on top of a shaky money foundation – the deep conviction that money is “hard to get” and particularly “hard to get for me.” So we need a mindset program – but so many of those address the problem on a very surface level: affirmations, “miracle mindset” meditations, and wealth visualization. Olympia’s Mind Over Money Mindset Makeover addresses the “virus of scarcity” on a very deep level – all three levels of our thinking, feeling, and behavior – plus she has the business shark smarts to help us make practical choices as we start returning to our “natural” state of possibility and powerful abundance.”

Ellen Melko Moore

CEO, SuperTightBrands.com

“If you want to make more money, do great things with it, and have a life you love, you need Olympia to help you and your business thrive. I spent a lot of money on courses and books and this program was by far the most effective and most positively life-changing. She got to the core of how my relationship with and beliefs about money that were holding me back. She’s a game changer! I no longer worry about making money. Now I feel safe and confident that money comes to me and supports me to fulfill my purpose, positively impact the lives of others, and give back to women who need a helping hand. I know that she deeply cares about me as a person. She empowered me in the way that I needed. It’s as if she has a magic wand – honing into my needs and giving me precisely what I needed. I now thrive, feel confident and powerful as I lead my business to the next level.”

Nancy Veldman

Chief Consultant



  • Make More Moola With Strategic and Intentional Collaborations
  • Results
  • Includes:
    • The Essential Secrets To Find, Make and Monetize Collaborations
    • Supported Implementation 
    • Collaboration Clubs
    • Take Action Accountability
  • 90-Day Program


  • Grow and Scale Your Business In The Shortest Time
  • Private Mentorship Exclusively With Olympia
  • Lead Generation 
  • Business Foundations
  • 12-Month Private Program
  • Bi-Weekly Private Coaching Sessions
  • Personal Introductions To Influencers and Priceless Resources


  • Build Your Business The Right Way
  • Group Mentorship / Mastermind Lead By Olympia
  • 12-Month Program (includes private onboarding session)
  • Private Coaching Sessions (2x / Month)
  • Exclusive Full Day Mastermind With Special Guest Leaders
  • Supported Implementation and Take Action Accountability Calls